Welcome to the WireBlog!

June 25th, 2021 - Web Site Officially Open and Accepting New Bookings! 

Hello All,

This is Marshall...  Just wanted to let everyone know that we are finally opening up the web site to the public!  The web site contains information about the band, our schedule, samples of our music, booking info and more.  Please feel free to check it out, join our mailing list, respond to the blog or post in the comments section.

I also wanted to let everyone know that we are scheduled to play our first show at the Bistro 221 in St. George on July 17th.

Web Site Development!!!! 

Hi Everyone (which at the moment only includes members of the band)!  Behind the scenes we have been working to put the final touches on the web page before releasing it to the public.  I feel sure the internet will be feel the impact of everyone discovering this site - ha ha!!  

Seriously, we have been having fun getting everything pulled together.  We have been learning some about web design, working on recording samples of our music and of course arranging a photoshoot (my first) to put on the web page and have available for anyone interesting in booking us.

I want to give a big shout out to Corey Prentiss (who just happens to be my daughter) for working with a bunch of cranky old guys (one nameless one who complained about the shirts we agreed to wear).  She took us under her wing, told us where to stand, what to do with our hands, when to smile, when not to smile, barely out ran a thunderstorm and sent us through a potentially redbug and snake infested field to get photos of a power substation behind us.  Get it?  We are The Live Wire Band and she had the idea to have a power substation behind us and of course it has more than it's share of Live Wires!!!  The dark clouds in the photos were NOT added using PhotoShop!



Hey!!!! We created our first blog!!!! Please leave your comments! 

Hello everyone.  This is Marshall Hutto and I have been playing guitar with the Live Wire Band since 2014!  Wow, how time flies.  Who saw the pandemic coming???  Surely not me!  Anyway, everyone in the band is excited to be practicing, recording some new music and performing in pubic again...  We appreciate you stopping by the site and showing your support.  If you have any comments or thoughts please feel free to post them here as we will be checking the blog frequently (assigning this job to Deral) and promise to respond!!!

Hope you visit again soon and please be sure to add your email to our mailing list!